Get Buzzed

Brew, Drink, Repeat.

Our journey begins...

1) Acquire kegs - check

2) Cut off tops - check!

Moving wort in style.

Just need the high-tech temperature controller (a.k.a., the mini-fridge).

Boil Test

Testing the burner and thermometer.

Tri-Keggle System

Getting closer.

Cave of Solitude

Fermentation cave with mini-fridge and heating system installed.


Good beer starts with clean equipment.

Adding Malt

Too many cooks?

The Boil

Beer in hand with soon-to-be beer in keggle.

Is it Done Yet?

...still boiling...

The OG test

Chemistry in action!

Meet the Team

Buzz Monkey Brewing

Bottling Day

Filling the bottling bucket.

Filled Bottles

Cloud Breaker IPA.


Two weeks until we drink!

Drinking Day

Filling the glass (no dregs, please).

Nice Color

Not too cloudy.

Cheers! our next brew!

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